Sitting here with a sore tummy…..should not eat sour dough :)

What happened was that I simply read the Covid news for the day and then jumped to the sports results. It is almost as if the two have been combined.
Covid new cases in NZ 9,785 ,29 deaths and 576 in hospital, 107 in ICU. All- Blacks beaten by Ireland and Queensland win the decider in Brisbane. The two news stories on the same page!. Go back a year and the games wouldn’t have been played I’d have locked all the doors and hidden under the bed. What have I become?

But it gets even more bizarre. Putin’s punishing us by refusing to sell us wheat because we’re helping Ukraine. Boris said yesterday he hasn’t ruled out having another crack at the Prime Minister’s job and half the world is in the midst of a heatwave while the other half is flooded. Someone paid $11,000 for a plane ticket that used to cost $4,000 and Christchurch just approved a new stadium that’s going to cost just over half a billion (yes billion) dollars. I read that and just nodded, and thought ‘wonder if I’ll get to see a game there’. What is the matter with me?

The world has gone mad. On my radio program I’ve been ‘told off’ over a joke that ‘offended’ somebody. ( My show is on a Christian formatted radio station so naughty stuff doesn’t feature) Mind you, a well meaning elderly gentleman told me at church that reading The Bible on my phone was not good. As he was telling me he was thumping his black King James. He didn’t say it but I think he thinks that’s the language Jesus spoke. We have become super sensitive. 

But back to Covid. Is our need for self gratification so strong now not only do we not care because no longer is it a serious death threat?, and what happened to our horror when Putin invaded Ukraine. It was supposed to ‘be all over’ in days. Why don’t  we care anymore
But sadly I suspect this is life. We’re living it today but history is littered with similar stories and because many don’t read history we can be sure that history will repeat. Maybe not precisely the same way but it will repeat. In 50 years it wont be Putin, Donald, Boris, Ukraine and global warming mixed with climate change…but it will be something.

Oh… and there will be shock when the All Blacks lose. To the USA. (just kidding)

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